I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the definition of reality and how our individual perception bends it. It’s interesting to try and define the line between what is real and what is perceived by the beholder.

For example, if I am sitting in class, I can view all other students sitting around me. I can hear the professor teaching. I can take notes, or form my own conclusions. I know that every other person in that class is experiencing the exact same even as I am.

Or are they?

If I were to somehow view the class from the perspective of someone else, the event would actually be completely different. First of all, their account of every student in the classroom other than themselves is different than mine. I am included in their perception, whereas when I take stock of the other people in the class I am not included. This other student may or may not be paying attention or taking notes. Their experience is completely different.

So does that mean that we are actually experiencing the same event? Or does the class that I know even exist at all outside of my own mind? What’s real to me may be completely foreign and unrealistic to another person.

I have also been thinking about the idea presented in Quantum Physics that an object actually changes when you look at it.

I don’t know to what extend I believe this is true, but I do believe it. Each of us view our worlds differently; emphasizing different significant aspects of the world around us more than others. No one views something in the exact same way as someone else. We have the power to influence how we experience our reality.

It makes me wonder just how much control and influence we have on the world around us, and to what extent are we able to take control of that power? If we concentrated on every moment of our lives as unique not only to ourselves, but to everyone else around us, would we think of our lives differently?

Just some food for thought.



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