This story was composed at a friend’s housewarming party. Each font change represents a new author. None of the writers could see the sentence before the one he composed.

paragraph divider 3

When we came to the house we hated the color.

But we liked the starlight shining through

the window. Every night we would sit at

the kitchen table and tell stories of our yesteryears

roaming the tundra + hunting small Alaskan

foxes for sport. 

But those days were long since past, and now

the only thing we could do was hold our

loved ones near.

To start a new dream and see a new

orphanage in the Sahara is all I want. 

But first I needed to raise the money to

buy my favorite book.

After I made the purchase I hit a little girl.

Turned out to be a terrorist! 

So I pulled out my gun and shot 

everyone there. 


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